Enrollment & Tuition

 When enrolling your child with Fine Point Stay -N- Play you are required to complete the Enrollment Registration information packet. These forms give vital information about your child so we can best provide the best possible care. It is imperative for your child’s health and safety that all forms are accurately completed and submitted to administration/admission for review before  your child’s first day.

Phone numbers are important to be able to reach you immediately. Please notify Fine Point Stay -N- Play as soon as any of these numbers change. You will also be  required to provide names and telephone numbers for persons authorized to pick up your child  from the center. The authorized person must have and  show  valid government issued identification.

When completing the Enrollment Registration Packet you will be  asked to  sign  an Enrollment Agreement that explains the terms and  conditions of enrollment and  fees. In addition to tuition, Fine Point Stay -N- Play requires a non-refundable annual registration fee. Tuition payments are due each Monday ( or the first day of attendance) for the current week. For the safety of our children and staff cash is not accepted for tuition payments.

For credit/debit card payment, please see administration/admission.

For online payment services please see administration/admission.

Late  fees will be assessed if all tuition and other charges are not paid on/before the scheduled  closing  time. If you are unable to pick up your child before the centers scheduled closing time please  call as as soon as you know you will be late.

If your check is returned for any  reason you will be charged a returned check fee. The fee and the amount of the original check must be paid via money order, cashiers check, or credit/debit card ( if available) for the  next six month period.

 Withdrawal and Termination

If you decide to withdraw your child from our care you are required to  give us two weeks notice If notification is  not provided you will still be responsible for all tuition and fees for the next two weeks, whether or not your child is in attendance. After you have withdrawn your child form Fine Point Stay -N- Play S/he will only be eligible for readmission based upon space availability and if all other enrollment criteria are met.

Dis-enrollment may result of the following

  • Abuse of other children
  • Continued Violation of policies
  • Disruptive or dangerous behavior
  • The Centers inability to meet the child’s needs
  • Non Payment of tuition






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